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Aluminum Oxide (α-Alumina)

Aluminum Oxide (α-Alumina)

Nanofibers diam. x L ~320nm ± 50nm x ∞

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Nanofibers delivered in uncompressed, non-woven, quadrilateral matts.

Aluminum Oxide (α-Alumina) nanofibers are yielded through a novel AC electrospinning process resulting in extraordinary aspect ratios, consistent purity, and consistent certification of form parameters that are difficult to achieve using other nanofiber production methods. Aluminum Oxide nanofibers have been observed to exhibit properties including high melting temperature (≈2072°C), nanostructural stability at high temperatures, high surface area, electrically insulative, thermally insulative, aqueous insolubility, and low reactivity. Aluminum Oxide nanofibers have applications in absorbents and catalyst support.  

Product photos are 1 gram samples. Scale: cm

Contact  to request quantities in excess of 10g.

Formula: Al2O3- α-Alumina
Formula Weight: 101.96 g/mol

Appearance(Color): White | Appearance(Form): Aligned Raw Fibers | X-Ray Diffraction: Conforms to Structure | Diameter: Confirmed - ~256nm ± 95nm | Length: Confirmed - ∞ | Crystal Grain Size: 14nm ± 3nm | Impurities: N/A

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